I started the JOYPEACE T-Shirts Project  2 months ago… JOYPEACE is about finding a way of living that includes the two terms inside eachother. Joy in Peace and Peace in Joy. Our world today seems to rush into bad things or at least this is the sensation we have if we stay tuned on tv news and mainstream, but if you look closely, going under the surface it is full of  “Acts of Random Kindness” like someone used to say… It’s up to us to bring those Acts to the light and also to share POSITIVE NEWS. We must realize the great POWER we all have nowadays to SHARE how each one of us is witnessing Reality. So it’s up to all of us to use this POWER at it’s best!   This is why i created the JOYPEACE T_SHIRT. Share and Wear it!thanks

Our shop on REDBUBBLE:

JOYPEACE T-SHIRT is available in many sizes and colors, for woman,man  & kids

Our shop on Redbubble:

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