I remember I told Jenna about it before I told Peter. I said, ‘Don’t tell Peter, but Episode 11 is a Complete solo.’ You know, Peter’s the kind of guy Who responds with the same dour Scottish nod to whatever news he’s given, from ‘You’ve been made king’ to ‘There’s an asteroid about to wipe out all life On Earth’. He has great emotional range as an actor, but, you know, he’s Scottish; it’s a sign of weakness to have a reaction. Actually, that’s not true. His typical reaction is a nod, a faint look of anxiety, and then he bursts out laughing. He does that a lot. He gives me the random laughter, which tends to mean ‘I’m Doctor Who! This is ridiculous!’ When I told him that Davros was coming back, he just went, ‘HA HA HA!’ – which meant ‘I’m Doctor Who, and I’m going to meet Davros! This is amazing!‘

Steven Moffat, DWM 493 (via upslapmeal)

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